6 Things You Need to Know

1 If a company says it specializes in retirement plans, it does NOT assume fiduciary responsibility. You do!
2 You will NOT be protected from current regulations or new ones that begin October, 2012. Under ERISA 409, you can be held liable for losses your plan incurs (for excessive fees and for permitting imprudent investment options).
3 The average 401(k) plan in the U.S. pays about 3% in all fees, most of which are undisclosed!
4 Plan sponsors are now required to report all fees on a plan participant level, including 12-b1 and revenue sharing fees, transaction costs and other fees currently hidden from participants and often from the plan).
5 The average 401(k) participant earns only about 3% on their investments (due to high expenses and having received no help in selecting the right investment balance). As a plan sponsor, you are personally liable if the Department of Labor decides your 401(k) plan costs are excessive.
6 The Department of Labor requires that each retirement plan review its service providers every three years. With pending regulatory changes, now is a smart time to review your providers.
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